Development Executive

Having previously worked for a design consultancy, I relished the opportunity to work for a property developer – something I felt would give me exposure to the front end of construction projects, especially the financial elements. I expected a challenge but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. Working in development is like trying to learn a new language in six weeks. You are involved with every element of the process, so not only do you need a good understanding of shopping centre design but also the financial appraisals – which can ultimately affect the realisation of a project.

For me what makes working at Westfield so special is how you’re encouraged to integrate with other teams. Closer to home, the development team is a tight group and it’s a privilege to work with colleagues who are exceptional at what they do. If you’re thinking of joining then you must share the ethos of the company. You’ve got to be ready for hard work, be conscientious and self motivated. And at the same time as all this, in development particularly, you must be creative and think outside the box.