Facilities Manager

I still remember my initial interview with Westfield; I’d done a lot of research about the Group and had been very impressed by their dramatic growth since 2002. Within just a few minutes of meeting them, I knew exactly what had made all this possible – passion. It’s one of the skills Westfield most value, and along with determination, it’s what unites our teams. Both these traits were certainly crucial when we were opening Westfield London. This one event has been my biggest and most exciting challenge since joining. I was responsible for the centre plant and equipment, and when all my hard work paid off in the end, the sense of achievement was unreal.

Once the grand opening was all sorted, things really started moving. As well as keeping the centre looking its best, I’m also being supported by Westfield as I study for my NVQ Level Diploma in Leadership and Management. I’ve come a long way since my first interview and having had high expectations from the offset, I can honestly say they’ve all been surpassed.